Whatever happened to all that Amalgamation talk during the 2017 Election?

The attached thought provoking article which appeared in the June 13 Regional newspaper that you receive in your “flyer bundle” brought to mind the strong in support of amalgamation position that all of our current council members expressed during the last election campaign at one of our sponsored electoral meetings. Where are we today with respect to that position?

Although some in the community of Black Diamond – our potential amalgamation partner – seem to reflect the attitude in the article, there is not a total rejection of the idea.  As one of our council members told me, “we need a dance partner to make the amalgamation work,” suggesting that somewhere along the line we had been rejected by Black Diamond. Is one rejection at the dance enough to kill the opportunity forever? One rejection and you give up dancing?

Many good ideas will run into “I say it’s best if we keep doing what we’ve always done.” It takes perseverance and persuasion to make changes. The council members all thought it was a great idea at election time. I say it is time for a renewed effort on their part. It is time to ask council members the question, what have you done lately to further the case for amalgamation?

(Drawing lines in the sand – Doug Griffiths President and CEO of 13 Ways Inc.)


{Thanks to Wayne for this post.}

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