Water Conservation or an excuse to bludgeon residents and businesses?

Here is a link to the proposed Turner Valley Water use and Conservation bylaw.


Section 6 is about penalties. Notice the fines for “Wasting water” those are apparently at the discretion of the Bylaw officers. Don’t worry they to be nice.

  • Was there any public engagement on this or is it just getting dished out to residents? Did our new CAO and his administration even consider that public consultation for this sensitive item was important? Oh Sorry they passed that bylaw last council meeting. They are not required to engage us unless they want to.
  • Did any Turner Valley Councillors review the process used by other municipalities when changing utility Bylaws? I know at least one of our Councillors went to a High River utilities Open House recently.
  • In Council meeting Administration indicated that Black Diamond has passed this same Bylaw so Turner Valley Council should “rubber stamp” this. Presto – Administration helps make the case for amalgamation…. Why are we paying the high cost of redundant Mayor, Council, CAO and administration if all they do is “rubber stamp” what Black Diamond Council passes?
  • During the meeting Councilor Waring informed us that we should be happy with the fines involved because Europe pays way higher fines. Mayor Rowntree stated that he wants the fines to be “punitive”. Is this about conservation or restriction and penalties? Mayor Rowntree “water is the new oil” statement is simply not getting to the point of the issue. During the Election Councillor Crane had lots to say about all the water we had available for community growth. Over to you Barry. Where is all that water you spoke of at the candidate forums?
  • Is the water intake system we paid for actually functional or does it not  produce the water it was supposed to? If not why?
  • If this is about conservation that can be addressed in other ways that are less heavy handed and restrictive. One way would be a review of the way the Town charges us for water. That is for a future post.
  • Councillor Holladay suggested ideas about watering schedules based on her experience in another community. Mayor Rowntree pontificated that it is inappropriate to compare the lawn watering schedule in St. Albert because Turner Valley is different, and Sheep River is not like other rivers. How is it then appropriate to compare European penalties to Turner Valley penalties? Does anyone care what penalties Europeans pay?

Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

Unless of course the Town can grab some cash from you before you drink it.


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