Request for information regarding Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) funding for 2013 flood projects

Good Day Mayor & Council,

As the Town in 2013 has suffered through one of the largest disasters in Canadian history, the Turner Valley Rate Payers Board is requesting that you confirm the following:

  • Advances that the Town Received (ie. Staffing Grants, Disaster Recovery Program (DRP), Critical Infrastructure grants, Flood Mitigation grants, etc.)
    • The dollar amount of approved claims under each grant
    • The dollar amount of Outstanding claims under each grant
    • Estimates of the cost of work still to be completed and not yet claimed

It is our understanding that if claims are not approved by the Government of Alberta as part of the Disaster Recovery Program or other grants, the Town and consequently its rate payers, are liable for the funding of past, unapproved expenditures.

  • Should these expenditures not be approved, please disclose the currently estimated financial risk to the Town of Turner Valley.
  • If these additional claims are not approved by DRP and Provincial grants does the Town have any other sources of funding other than the tax payers?

We expect that you will be able to reply in a timely manner and will have answer for us prior to June 30, 2017.

Best Regards,

Todd Williams

President, Turner Valley Rate Payers Board

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