Request for Financial Information sent to Mayor and council

The Turner Valley Rate Payers Board has requested the following information from the Mayor and Council June 8, 2017. Our request is to further investigate the financial statements from 2016 as well as clarify what assets were transferred from the town to the two corporations named below. We have had difficulty getting responses from our elected officials so we have included an expected date for the information to be returned. It is an election year so people who wish to stay in elected positions need to respond to voters. We will update the web site if and when we get a response.

From the presentation to Council on the 2016 Financial Statements, the Auditors, MNP LLP, mentioned that there were three concerns that they would like to see addressed:

  • Tighten control on expenditures (unbudgeted expenditures)
  • Tighten control on cash
  • Property tax levies calculation

Please, forward a copy of the Management Letter from the Auditors to the Town of Turner Valley via email to

The Auditors and Administration also discussed the transfer of assets to West End Regional Sewer Commission (West End) and Sheep River Regional Utility Corp (SRRUC). Please provide the break down of the assets transferred to West End. What was the book value of these assets? Was there a gain/loss on these assets that were transferred?

We also respectfully request direction on where we can find the breakdown of the Assets that were transferred to SRRUC.

We expect that you will be able to reply in a timely manner and will have answer for us prior to June 30, 2017.

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