Opportunity Missed

By Wayne Lapaire

According to the 2019 DRAFT V3 Operating Budget December 12, 2018 Turner Valley administration has proposed an increase of Salaries, Wages & Benefits in the amount of $71,968 over the projected amount for 2018. In the same document, the 2019 proposed FTE staff count is to be reduced by 2.45. The proposed increase would be spread among fewer staff, resulting in an average per FTE cost increase of about 11%. Please see the attached spreadsheet for the details.

At the same time, among the best ideas administration can offer for reducing costs is to cut pool and spray park services. Fortunately Councillors said no to the pool and spray park service cuts.

It seems that in working very hard to find savings for the budget, administration overlooked an opportunity. Are you expecting an 11% increase in your pay this year?


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