Mill Rate Expectations for 2017

This is an email sent by the Turner Valley Rate Payers Board to our elected officials for the Town of Turner Valley.

Dear Madam Mayor & Council


Completing our review of the 2017 approved budget, we challenge the operating portion of the budget based on comparisons with other similar sized communities in Alberta. We have excluded the projects being completed as a result of the 2013 flood, acknowledging these to be funded through the Alberta Government DRP program.


With the budget approved, the next step is for Council to approve the 2017 municipal mill rate. The 2016 municipal mill rate was set at 7.999 percent of the assessed value for residential property. For 2017, we are expecting a 12% reduction on the 2016 Mill Rate. Under your direction , the Town CAO will have to adjust his Management, administration & operations accordingly.


As our elected officials, your primary responsibility is to the Rate Payers of Turner Valley. We look for your leadership to bring the Town’s operating costs and property taxes in line with comparable communities in Alberta.





Todd Williams

Gary Rowntree

Glen Chambers

Zane Ashbacher

Jen Horn

Ron Thompson



Turner Valley Rate Payers Board

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