Mayor and Councilors “No-Show”

The Mayor and Councillors of Turner Valley were invited to meet in a private non-official capacity with the Board of the Turner Valley Rate Payers Association. There was a limited response to the request with only 3 or 4 of them even responding to the email invitation. When the meeting time rolled around none of our elected officials deemed it important to meet with the board.

The meeting was intended to allow the elected officials an opportunity to hear first hand what our intentions are. We feel this was an important opportunity to show respect for the residents of the community who voted these people into their positions. The Turner Valley Rate Payers Association will continue to show respect for the voters and for the positions of elected officials while working to improve the quality of decisions that elected officials make on behalf of the rate payers.

So, with that piece of our plan completed we will continue to plan and execute our strategy to improve the situation for the Rate Payers.

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