Hello Turner Valley Rate Payers

For some time now there has been a growing concern about the management of the Town of Turner Valley. Rate payers from all locations in the town are discussing the escalating costs of owning or renting property in Turner Valley. The escalating costs of our municipal government added to the already excessive tax load from other levels of government are making living in this community untenable for many families.

Starting in early 2016 a group of concerned and politically active rate payers have joined together to help promote and facilitate better local government. A municipal government that will be respectful of the money they take from the residents for property taxes and fees for services. A municipal government that is lean and productive a place where employees are empowered to do the best work they can for the residents of this community. A municipal government that promotes community growth at a reasonable price.

We are intent on making Turner Valley a great place to live work and raise a family or retire. We have much to be thankful for and will need to work together to make this a sustainable community. The Rate Payers of Turner Valley are committed to be advocates for change in this town. Less taxes lower rates more accountable elected officials and ensuring that elected officials are respectful of the people who pay.

Government should never be a “recession proof job”. Residents of Turner Valley are forced by current economic conditions to do with less, work more hours, find extra or new employment. The rate payers association expects local government to be reflective of the economic conditions of their electorate.

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