Candidate to Councillor Series

The next Municipal Election is in the fall of 2021. Many people who engage with municipal Councillors across Alberta recognize the need for better training for elected officials. How can we help those people who want to sit on Council to be more effective? How can we help them better represent the community? A place to start may be with better education before the election. With that in mind many entities are working on training of various types. One famous, and excellent consultant is collaborating with the U of A to design a training course for Councillors. Another example is the “Ask Her” organization. They are working to help get more women into Municipal Council seats. With all that in mind we want to help our local communities by providing some education to people who may want to run for council in 2021. We are planning a series of events and online opportunities to learn from some of the best in Municipal Government. Starting with a public conversation January 30, 2020 at the Valley Neighbours Club. Start time is 7:00 PM. Please see the attached document.

For municipal voters this conversation will help give you insights into how to interact with candidates and people who want to represent you on Council. Are there better questions you should ask when they knock on your door? What can you do to ensure that candidates are not just running on a single issue? What is the best way to interact with candidates and councillors in person and on social media?

This will be a lively and interesting conversation with Tanya Thorn, Councillor from Okotoks, and a Vice President of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA). Who is the AUMA you ask? From their Web site:


AUMA is a change agent that enables municipalities to be a fully engaged order of government with the capacity to build thriving communities.


AUMA is the voice of urban municipalities and provides visionary leadership, solutions-based advocacy, and service excellence.

This organization has significant influence on what happens in Municipalities. This is an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the AUMA. Along with what voters and candidates need to know before they get to the election.

The evening will be facilitated by Carrie Fischer. Carrie holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, Economic Development training and five years’ experience as a constituency manager working for a Member of Parliament. Carrie believes in building strong communities by empowering individuals and families to become involved in local groups and decision making.  Please plan to join us January 30, 2020 for this interesting and information event. If you know people from other towns who are interested in their local town of municipal government, please invite them to attend


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