A Salute to Nobleford.

Nobleford recently became famous for a Global news story regarding its “lowest property tax rate in Alberta”. This has helped the town to double its population in 15-16 years. Nobleford Council developed 30 big industrial lots a number of years ago. This allowed an increase in business and consequently residents.

According to municipal data, in 2017, a house valued at $215,000 in Lethbridge would have cost residents around $1,700. The same house value in Nobleford was just $83.14.

To celebrate the Nobelford’s centennial birthday, the village went a step further: property taxes were completely eliminated for 2018.

Nobleford mayor shares secret to Alberta community’s rapid growth

A look a the Nobleford Town web site shows what a thoughtful, responsible and tax payer friendly strategic plan looks like. Of special note is the section on accountability. One of my favourite statements:

We shall continue with consistency in Governance and Administration vision, planning and action to produce positive results, such as reduced bureaucracy and wasteful process.”


It appears that the elected officials and administration have worked be efficient, accountable and transparent. All those who have been a part of this effort are to be congratulated for their hard work and for respecting the rate payers of the community.

What a successful Municipal Government looks like to me.

1) a real strategic plan that puts the interests of residents and Tax Payers first.

2) a straight forward simple communication plan that puts residents and Tax Payers as primary participants.

3) fundamental objectives that reflect the best interests of residents and Tax Payers ahead of special intrest groups and developers.



Well done Nobleford.

I salute you.


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